Detective Literacy! On the case of spelling!

Ok so Matilda and I have now been doing rehab together for months and months. Many a day the ‘crankies’ invade my programming and little gets done. But we have all learnt to see the flash points as Matilda’s brain talking not her. Spelling is proving to be very stuck and we have seen very little improvement, so we on gonna give that a whole lot more love. Today Matilda asked if we could incorporate her speech therapy into being a detective, as she and a buddy have been playing spys/detectives a lot lately. What ho! Give me 5 minutes my lovely and lets go….

First I had to find….Detective Literacy!

The Word Bank had been robbed! All the ‘u’ and ‘a’ words had been stolen. Our only clue was that the culprit had walked through spilt green paint as they left the scene of the crime.

Follow the green footprints….

There were several different routes…which to follow?

Suspect number one – his alibi was tango dance classes on a newly yellow painted floor!

Bag the evidence and move on.

Forensics at work collecting words!
Suspect number two had a cheesy grin. Not sure about his iceskating in butter alibi.

But where is the thief. The last trail of green footprints goes cold…

Not the dreaded South-Asian-otter-word-thief from Australia Zoo!

DC Speech-Pathologist-Mummy-Rehab reads him his ‘WRITES’ ( lame joke).

Always paperwork when a crime is solved!

A word sort based on work from Words Their Way (link here).  Phew lucky we had a detective in the house!

Just as an added bit of authenticity, these attempts to make learning fun don’t always go according to plan. We still had a little meltdown when the game became serious and the words had to be sorted and the sounds practiced being said. But by that stage our detective was a little hungry and tired…..