Play – Halloween craftiness

Our generation of Aussies were not brought up with a diet of Halloween but my kids love the dressing up, lollies and hanging out with friends. I really get a kick out of seeing the fabulous effort that the neighbourhood kids put into their costumes. Many years ago I was in New York just before Halloween.  I adored a ghost filled tree, all made from up-cycled plastic bags and thought it would be a great alternative to our afternoon language session.


We scrunched old paper into balls, cut off handles, drew faces and Voila! a tree full of ghosts. This involved a great deal of language repetition and input; ‘head’ ‘eyes’ ‘mouth’ ‘no legs’ ‘no arms’ ‘no feet’ ‘scrunching’ ‘cutting’ ‘hanging’  and so on.

Once our lovely ghosts were out having a fly, we returned to continue our work on body parts. Matilda asked if her doll could join in so she named Laila’s body parts (a choice was given when the word wouldn’t come …Is it an eye or ear?) and then tried to find the matching word.


Happy dressin-up y’all!


2 thoughts on “Play – Halloween craftiness

  1. Kerrie Barnett

    Hi Nicole and Matilda – your ghosties seemed happy flying about and Laila looked chuffed to be part of it. Below is a link I found to some fairy photos, as I thought she might have fun with some fairy wings for her next day out. Alas I can’t make the link active, but you might find it anyway. It’s good to read of your daily doings as you are much in my thoughts. love, Kerrie Barnett


  2. Kerrie Barnett

    Hi Nicole and Matilda – your ghosts look happy to be flying about and Laila seems to be enjoying being part of it too. I wondered if she would have fun in some fairy wings after the excitement of Halloween is past….Below are a couple of links I found to an English man’s fairy photos which look interesting and some textile ideas from the museum which is going to show his pictures.
    This is my second try at leaving a reply, and I can’t seem to activate the web link – maybe you’ll get all, or none! Great to hear of your daily doings. love, Kerrie Barnett


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